This Privacy Policy was written to help customers better understand how Customers information is collected, used, and stored.


Use of Cookies

Server Store may use customer personal information for various purposes:

  • Taking and handling orders, delivering products and services, processing payments, and communicating with customers.

  • Enhancing product functionality, performance analysis, error fixing, and improving usability.

  • Recommending features, products, and services, personalizing customer experiences.

  • Complying with laws and regulations, including identity verification.

  • Communication with customers via different channels.

  • Displaying interest-based ads without personally identifying customers.

  • Preventing fraud, abuse, and managing credit risks.                                                                                             

Customer Information Disclosure

  • Enhancing Our Services: Server Store may share personal information, including names, businesses, cities, and countries, along with customer feedback and comments, on our official website as part of marketing collateral and customer testimonials. This helps us enhance our services and showcase the experiences of our valued customers.

  • Discretionary Disclosure: The disclosure of this information in our records is done at our own discretion, ensuring a balanced representation of customer feedback.

  • Withdrawal of Authorization: Our customers retain the right to withdraw their authorization for this disclosure at any time by sending us written notice.

  • Trusted Partners and Legal Compliance: We share personal information only with trusted partners or in compliance with the law when presented with a valid court order. Rest assured, your information is handled with care and only disclosed when necessary for legal or collaborative purposes.

Your feedback and experiences are important to us, and we respect your right to control the disclosure of your personal information. If you have any concerns or wish to withdraw your authorization, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Security Measures for Your Data

  • Our Responsibility: Server Store takes full responsibility for safeguarding the personal and confidential information entrusted to us.

  • Comprehensive Protection: We employ a combination of physical and electronic security technologies to fortify data collected via our website, ensuring it remains safe from theft and unauthorized access.

  • Secured Data Transfer: When transmitting data over the internet, we utilize industry-standard Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption technology to provide a secure data transfer environment.

  • Advanced Threats: While we make sincere efforts to protect your information, it’s important to recognize the ever-advancing landscape of technology. Rapid technological advancements may expose our data to potential threats.

  • Limitations Acknowledged: Server Store cannot assume liability for accidental data theft or breaches resulting from unforeseen advancements in technology.